André Manoukian & Jean-François Zygel

André Manoukian (piano) • Jean-François Zygel (piano)

Saturday 29/07     PLANPRAZ

André Manoukian & Jean-François Zygel Image

Everything is allowed in the duel between André Manoukian and Jean-François Zygel. It must be said that the two protagonists are not outdone in terms of repartee (pianistic and verbal)! But don't worry, the fight is rather good-natured and the tone light!

Each at his own keyboard, sometimes adversaries, sometimes accomplices, the two musicians play a furious game of notes. Filled with variations and improvisations, their tribulations cross paths with Bach, Beethoven, Brel, Bill Evans, Mozart and Duke Ellington. André Manoukian and Jean-François Zygel both have the word, the piano, the humour, the expression, the passion for music and an extraordinary talent for transmission. No doubt about it: they have fun on stage and they will have fun for you too.

  Saturday 29/07 - 12h


Located at the intermediate station of the Brévent cable car at 2000m, the Planpraz "balcony" offers a panoramic view of the Aiguille du Midi, the Cosmiques ridge, the Mont-Blanc, the Dôme du Goûter and the Drus.